Wiz Khalifa “Breakthrough Artist 2010”

As Of Yestarday, The Conflict & Competition too see who’s the Best Breakthrough Artist of 2010 Has Ended. Up Against J.Cole, Nicki Minaj, Travis Porter and Diggy Simmons as the Top Finalist, Wiz Khalifa has Snagged The Title!

Many People Still Question ” Who This Wiz Character Is?”.  Even Though He May Not Be On Your Local Radio Station, Reppin Pittsburgh as A Independent Artist, Wiz Khalifa Has Blown Himself into A Celebrity With His Variety Of Talented Lyrics, Succesful Mixtapes like, How Fly W/Curren$y, Burn After Rolling, Star Power & Recently Kush & OJ! Not Forgetting His team TAYLOR GANG, Which has set A Strong Lifestyle For There Fans and A Better way of Connecting with Wiz Khalifa and His Gang! Last but Not Least, With an Extremely Amount of Followers on Twitter and His Networks, Its not surprising how Quickly He’s Becoming A Well Known Artist.

I’m Sure If Your One Of  Those Music Heads who Say, ” Who The Hell Is Wiz Khalifa”, Do Some Research and Find Out, because You Dont Wanna Be one Of  Those Lames, Who Still Questioning That When Wiz Is Collecting Award and Blown Up All over The Radio stuntin in Camo and Blowin Kush!!!

Shouts To Boxden For The Article!!–>Wiz Khalifa “Hottest Mc”

Check out His Latest Album Deal or Deal!

Also Lookout For His Mixtapes Listed Earlier^^^ and His Newest Kush & OJ!

I actually Posted “In The Cut”- Wiz Khalifa Single ^^^^^!

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