Scerenade New Single!!!

Joshua Jamerson Aka Scerenade A Local R&B Artist in Palm Coast, Fl Has Released His New Single From The Upcoming Mixtape ” Smoke Break “.

Scerenade is One of the Three Artist We Have Signed With The Coast Nation.

This New Single is Called Moan Ft. Yayo Produced & Recorded By Emp @ Euphoria Musik Productions.s

Heres Scerenade’s Networks!

Facebook Page, Follow on Twitter, ReverbNation, & Myspace


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3 Responses to Scerenade New Single!!!

  1. Moan by Scerenade is sick, sick, sick! The music is gripping and hypnotic. Scerenade You’ve made me a fan I going to call you the new and improve Ginuwine! Great job!

  2. Ms. Catala says:

    wow…ur actually good. proud of u!!! love ya

  3. nessa says:

    ive taken my time listening to this, breaking it down, beat, lyrics, the deliverance, and finally all of it together. the beat is FIRE. type of shiet that just makes you want to twirk & work your fcking hips till you cant no more. lol. whateva’ idgaf its the truth. the lyrics are catchy and the deliverance is EPIC. this whole track is either gonna get people laid, horny as fck, or knocked up. i suggest you light up a blunt, turn this UP and just let it do its job. im currently in the airport waiting to fly out to FL and im spooning my pillow not caring up in this airport tho’!! im porud of ya’ll. keep it up! xx nessah

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