Wyclef President Of Haiti?

Well According to the Live Press Conference, a matter of fact Wyclef Jean Is running for President of Haiti. Jean assisted Haiti after The tragic earthquake destroyed areas of Haiti and the numerous amount of deaths. Still Struggling, Haiti is in the worst condition possible, and Wyclef wants to take leadership to bring the culture back to Haiti!

Although he planned on this action to occur 10 years from now, Jean deciding to run for presidency States “If I can’t take five years out to serve my country as President,” he argues, “then everything I’ve been singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.” So lets hope Wyclef Does well if he is elected and expect some good music in the future!
Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2008588,00.html#ixzz0voGaisF2

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2 Responses to Wyclef President Of Haiti?

  1. If Wyclef Jean becomes the next president of Haiti, he has a really hard task to fullfill. There is really a lot of work to do to build up the country again from scratch and help the people to get some wealth. For them it would be important to be more popular for tourists as their neigbouhr country the dominican rebuplic.

  2. sofortkredit says:

    I am not sure if Wyclef Jean will be a good president for Haiti. Only because you are famous doens’t mean you are a good politican. Or maybe you are a politican but that doesn’t make you a valuable leader. I am really looking forward to see what he is making with the country. In the end Arnold doesn’t make a too bad job in California.

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