The Omen

Ideally, I’d like to think I make unbiased opinions on music. On any other occassion than this one right here, I would be. I completely believe in supporting your family. You scratch my back- I’ll scratch yours. Since this is a family based Coast Nation, here’s my blood relative:

(Photo: Andria Lavine)


The Omen (or as I’ve known him, Terrell) is releasing his second mixtape, “FLYsexual” after a whole year in the Air Force. This kid is full of ammo. One of the most talented people I know. Designer, computer genius, and newly added LYRICIST.

If you don’t believe me, you can download his last mixtape “SPCDQMZKLP” here . With tracks like “LALALA” and “Mindisinanotherworld”, you can KNOCK to his music all day.

If you like Suave the Ape then you’ll like The Omen. The two work closely together and before you know it, everyone will get two in one, all on one track. This guy designed Suave’s “Remsen Vision” LP.

Hey, just download the mixtape. See for yourself- Show some love. Nothing but solid music for all you music savvy Coasters. Then, once your neck is broken, brace yourself for “FLYsexual”. There’s a few leaked tracks, but I personally believe you should all brace yourself with one thing at a time.


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