About Us

The Coast Nation is a fully licensed management agency dealing in all aspects of the Entertainment Industry.  We are currently focusing our resources on recording artists within the Music Industry, but are still extremely active in other medias. Founded by Joshua Wright, Ronnie Ryan, and Alexander Craig in 2010, the “Nation” has three main divisions working within the company.  These divisions work individually with each artist/actor to achieve maximum success.  Certain goals may be appointed by the artist/actor as well as the heads of each division in the process of achieving superstardom.  Priding ourselves upon our ability to go beyond the realm of capabilities of other management agencies, The Coast Nation’s vast and extensive resources allow for exponential growth.

The first division, Public Relations/Artist & Actor Management, is headed by Mr. Joshua Wright.  Mr. Wright has a background in music engineering as well as advertising and promotions. His profound experience and myriad of contacts in the Entertainment Industry give Wright unprecedented opportunities otherwise unavailable for many artists/actors. Joshua Wright’s expertise in Public Relations has navigated “Coast Nation” to a positive image within the Entertainment Community.

The second division within The Coast Nation, Operations Management/Music & Film Development, is headed by Mr. Ronnie Ryan. Mr. Ryan’s music and film background is international. While perfecting his craft as a DJ, Ronnie Ryan traveled extensively broadening his cultural horizons and his rolodex of contacts. Because of his multi-cultural origins and ability to network with multi-national Entertainment Industry personnel, Ryan has found the perfect role in our management agency.

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