Lady Gaga = Modern Day Madonna?

Yes, That Is The Question. Nominated for thirteen Awards But Winning 8 last Night At The VMA’s. With Her Obscene Videos and Vulgar Personality And Dark But Talented Voice Has Made Her Into A Star. Has She Made An Impact Like A Modern Day Madonna?

LADY GAGA’S 2010 Video Music Award Wins
VIDEO OF THE YEAR – “Bad Romance”
BEST POP VIDEO – “Bad Romance”
BEST COLLABORATION – “Telephone” Ft. Beyonce
BEST DANCE VIDEO – “Bad Romance”
BEST DIRECTION – “Bad Romance”
BEST EDITING – “Bad Romance”



T.I. Back In Handcuffs Again

T.I. and his wife Tiny were arrested on marijuana drug possession charges recently after being pulled over in West Hollywood, Ca. T.I. was just released from prison in March on federal gun charges and is currently still serving probation from that sentence. The Coast Nation will bring more updates as this story unfolds.

American Music Festival

The Coast Nation is bringing exclusive behind the scenes coverage of the American Music Festival happening this weekend in Daytona Beach. Headlining the festival is Grammy Award Winning artist Usher and the Jonas Brothers. We are everywhere, we have eyes on everything and we are Taking Over… Only The Coast Nation can bring unprecedented stories on the latest trends, shows, artists and music right to your laptop.

Amazing New Touchscreen DJ Set-Up

The Next Step…

Wyclef President Of Haiti?

Well According to the Live Press Conference, a matter of fact Wyclef Jean Is running for President of Haiti. Jean assisted Haiti after The tragic earthquake destroyed areas of Haiti and the numerous amount of deaths. Still Struggling, Haiti is in the worst condition possible, and Wyclef wants to take leadership to bring the culture back to Haiti!

Although he planned on this action to occur 10 years from now, Jean deciding to run for presidency States “If I can’t take five years out to serve my country as President,” he argues, “then everything I’ve been singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.” So lets hope Wyclef Does well if he is elected and expect some good music in the future!
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Favre Talks Retirement…..Again…

ESPN broke the story today that Favre has announced his retirement for the third time, citing Jay Glazer from Fox Sports and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Being that it’s Favre I wouldn’t believe it until the season is over. Glazer has already claimed on Twitter that the Vikings are trying to throw more money and more time at Favre to get him to reconsider.
Strap yourselves in, this is going to be another one of those off-seasons where the media hears he’s retiring and all the players say he isn’t….we’ll see.
My synopsis: Should we even care anymore? Seriously?

Wow! Lake Disappears?!?

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