Wiz Khalifa on a 3OH!3 track

Wiz Khalifa hops on “Double Vision” remix with 3OH!3, light up your blunts and download this track.

And rapper Russell Howard hooks up with lead singer from rock band Trapt, Chris Taylor Brown to put out “Too Close”. Fire, don’t miss.

Download: Too Close / Download: Double Vision2


New LP track

Linkin Park drops their new album September 14th titled “A Thousand Suns”, seems like a thousand suns since Linkin Park dropped an album.  Hasn’t been since “Minutes to Midnight” came out with the first Transformers movie.  Good to see Chester and the rest of the guys back making great music with the first leaked track of the album “The Catalyst”:

The Catalyst

Keep you updated if I hear anymore tracks.

Read more on the album here : Linkinpark.com