Ant Tha Brillyant

Intrigued by Jazz & R&B at an early age, Anthony Robert Lawrence Jr became heavily influenced by the drums in middle school. After purchasing his first bass guitar in high school, Anthony aka “Ant Tha Brillyant’s” passion of music grew into a full blown obsession during his high school years. Around his junior year, having a heavy influence in rock music, he began teaching himself  how to play the electric guitar and writing his own music. With the rise of technology, the first music production program he was introduced to was “MTV’s Music Generator”. This inspired Anthony to begin producing beat structure for dance & electronica music. Listening to Timbaland, Jaco Pastorious and the Neptunes influenced him to the hip hop scene. Born and Raised in Chicago, now residing in Florida as of 2007, Ant Tha Brillyant recently signed as in-house producer for The Coast Nation.