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Lots of new goodies planned for Mac-Heads in new OSX update revealed tomorrow.

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Also scope sunovausa.com for more board models!

contact mark@sunovasurfboards.com for any question more info on customs.

Complex releases outtakes from CuDi’s interview

(Picture from Complex.com)

Complex released outtakes from the interview with Kid CuDi discussing his beef with Wale and a specific incident regarding their photo shoot for GQ magazine. CuDi felt Wale thought he was too cool to be in a photo shoot with him and Drake when Wale wouldn’t smile for the cameras.

You can check out the excerpts here: http://www.complex.com/blogs/2010/10/05/kid-cudis-complex-cover-story-the-outtakes/

Kanye Annouces new Album title

If you didn’t know already, Kanye’s new album will be titled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” as Kanye announced on twitter. There had been noise going around it’d be named something else, but the album will go with a mini-movie project Kanye’s been working on titled the same name as the album. Think like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

He also announced the first track will be “Dark Fantasy” produced by RZA, himself and No I.D.


Droop-E “Blvck Diamond Life” Mixtape

The New Droop-E Mixtape!


James Pants – KA$H